Now 6 months later they're telling me he could almost have a full show coat.It's about 60% grown out and after adding CEN oil to his food it looks AMAZING. Your horse is in good body condition; she is doing well on the grass/alfalfa-mix hay you are currently feeding. High protein feeds, including alfalfa hay, should ONLY be fed when required as a supplement to improve protein levels; but should never be used as a primary staple or to replace grass hay. Monitor your horse closely. Overall, we believe that Teff hay may be a good source of roughage and a filling meal for overweight or laminitic horses, however it does not have any extra benefits over lucerne hay, and the lower protein, calcium and magnesium levels of Teff hay may even be considered a disadvantage. If the horse is able to exercise, a gentle exercise routine each day will also help them to lose weight and reduce their risk of further bouts of laminitis. Hay for the Laminitic Horse. Peter called me straight back when I had a simple question and answered it with so much information I am better informed about the products and my horse's immune system. Alfalfa hay is a valuable forage for horses when … She is getting no grain, and she has never developed laminitis, inflammation of the soft connective tissues within the foot that can result from a variety of causes, including a diet too rich in NSCs. Oaten & Barley Hay should be fed with discretion in relation to workload and overall body weight/condition. it must be soaked as well. I will not be using any other product other than CEN from now on 5/5 stars ???? This does not mean your horse needs to be confined to their stable as many yards now offer bare dirt paddocks supplemented with hay for horses that cannot have grass. Does the horse feed contain high quality protein. They have both my OTT and QH looking and feeling amazing. Which Hay Is Healthy, Rhodes, Teff, Lucerne, Meadow or Oaten? It is a legume rather than a grass so should not be fed straight as it produces a lot of gas. Which is the best type of hay for horses? ?Wow I truly was amazed at the amazing difference in my horses coats all just by adding CEN Oil! their coats were silky soft and no longer dull. In general, the protein in lucerne/alfalfa is in excess of the requirement of the horse, and grass hay or oaten chaff may be just right or too low to meet the requirement. Lucerne hay is considered to be low in sugar + starch but for unknown reasons a horse may react to the amino acid profile or be intolerant of lucerne. Can't recommend this product enough, worth every cent to see our baby girl so bright, happy and healthy. These include mature or stemmy tropical grass hays and mature or stemmy lucerne hay (including lucerne hay that has been weather damaged). Lucerne in hay for laminitic tendency horse; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Her new CEN diet is Simple, affordable, sustainable and most importantly balanced.My 11yo has also gained a greater understanding of equine health and diet which compliments her developing horsemanship!! Lucerne is relatively low in sugar and starch, containing about half the amount of cereal hay (oaten, barley and wheaten) so it doesn’t cause large insulin spikes and blood sugar level fluctuations and is very useful as a component of feed for horses with laminitis or metabolic issues such as insulin resistance. Here are some guidelines for making it a lot easier: All horse’s diets should be based on forage and the laminitic horse is no different. I have seen a dramatic change in my horses coat and condition using the oil. To prevent boredom in these horses, make their forage hard to eat so it is more time consuming for them. You should also feed their daily allocation of hay in 2 or 3 meals per day. Almost instantaneously they got their coats back, they weight started to pick up again and they just generally looked 100% on when they weren’t having it! My horses and dogs get the CEN oil and have seen a difference in them all from it, have used Super beet to successfully put weight on horses that have been light on. (Lucerne is often advocated as a suitable feed for laminitic horses and ponies on the basis that it has lower sugar content. Which is the best type of hay for horses? Our dogs have also been on CEN oil for 4 years they are now 13 years but act like 5 year olds. Set recipe vs least cost - how safe if your horse feed? It is very important to make sure the diet you are feeding your laminitic horse is balanced. Reply. Complete feeds will provide your horse with the calories, protein, vitamins and minerals it needs. Avoid hays containing high amounts of fructan such as ryegrass, oaten, wheaten or barley hays. CEN oil far exceeded my expectations!Not only did my guys look amazing but they certainly appeared to be feeling more amazing than ever before! The answer is yes, and yes. In the reverse, and contrary to popular opinion, lucerne hay is a suitable feedstuff for horses that have suffered a bout of laminitis. If you have any questions about any of their products then call the CEN team.Their customer service is matched by the quality of their products. Bryan recommend the CEN Active for our girl and the difference it has made is just incredible. Tips for feeding a horse that won’t sweat, Equine Gastric Ulcers - Using Feeding Management to Reduce Their Incidence and Severity, The horse's digestive system - The Gastrointestinal Tract. couldn't recommend their products enough - particularly the oil and cf50 which i absolutely worship. Can use them on old and young horses and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Feed hays that are typically low in sugars. I noticed a difference in them straight away so I made the decision to find a way to get them back onto it and my god am I glad I did!!!!! We saw amazing results within just 3 days ???? Have used for a few years on my 19 year old Arab had him since he was 2 and he looks better at 19 than he has ever before he is glowing, I used it on a skinny horse brought with a dull coat with I. Thanks again for the great range guys! Pryde's EasiFeed, 256 Quia Road, Gunnedah, NSW, 2380, Australia. The depletion of Omega 3 can be replaced with a quality plant-based Omega 3 oil like CEN Oil which is a stabilised linseed oil + antioxidants which mirrors the Omega profile in pasture. Having lucerne in the diet will increase the calcium intake and may help balance the phosphorus. Their range of products include CEN Oil for horses and dogs. to my horses who have had immune, EMS, skin, ulcers/stress and iron toxicity issues are now doing the best they have in such a long time.I cannot recommend using CEN products enough they truly make such an amazing difference.Well worth giving them CEN products try! At worst he would need to be put down. We at Anstead Acres have found CEN products support our team of horses exceptionally well. Avoid any hays that are known to have high levels of sugar, including ryegrass hay, oaten, wheaten or barley hay.

lucerne hay for laminitic horses

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